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Simplygon is dedicated to helping creators and users of 3D data to optimize their content pipelines and streamline their workflows.

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Simplygon Studios

Simplygon, a Microsoft Studio, is the leader in the field of 3D optimization, continuously pushing the boundaries for the past decade. We are always striving towards finding new, innovative solutions to bringing complex 3D content to any device, with minimal manual input. This enables interactive display of anything from highly detailed game models to scanned meshes with high performance on weak devices.

The Simplygon team has accomplished a lot since the inception of our product and we'll continue to solve challenging tech problems to meet the needs of our customers. Our next big challenge? 3D For Everyone, the ultimate accessibility!

Working Here

At Simplygon, we hire passionate and talented people eager to contribute to the development of the company at every level. The three pillars of our organization are teamwork, ownership, and fun. We strongly believe in work-life balance to maintain a healthy atmosphere, so while we like to work hard, we also like having a laid-back environment.

Yes, we play a lot of video games but most of our team also train and practice multiple sports, in addition to other unique hobbies. As a company, we're dedicated to the advancing of the industries we touch, which is why we look for way to opportunities to help a variety of initiatives, such as the VR Summer Academy.

Our world-class, award-winning team is driven by a commitment to innovation and creativity. Every passionate team member contributes to the development of our company, and in turn, our customers.

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