3D Optimization

When it comes to creating 3D art assets, one of the biggest challenges facing digital content creators is time-consuming optimization work. In addition to causing bottlenecks in production workflow, 3D asset production can account for 30-70% of a gaming project's entire budget. This pain point also applies to enterprise companies looking to utilize their 3D assets on AR/VR devices.

Get Simplygon

The technology and workflow from Simplygon empowers producers, artists, developers, and 3D specialists to work together to create the highest-quality 3D experiences possible, for any platform, without manual drudgery or costly code. With automated 3D optimization, the Simplygon product helps digital content creators accelerate processing time to save important resources.

Simplygon is applicable to any medium where 3D art assets are created or utilized, both in gaming and enterprise. In gaming, automating parts of the 3D asset pipeline can free up 25-100+ person months of work.  With automatic interactive visualization, Simplygon enables manufacturers to visualize their products in VR at full scale. Our automatic process ingests CAD data and brings it into real-time VR. By continuing to streamline 3D optimization, we are helping production teams build better mixed reality experiences.