Cutting edge solutions for 3D games content optimization

Replace tedious and time-consuming manual work in 3D games content creation, reducing production time and development costs.

Skinned LODs

In games with long viewing distances and several characters, you really want to create chains of LODs. When a character is further away from the camera you want some visually similar, but cheaper to render.

With Simplygon, you can automatically generate perfect looking LOD chains for all your characters. Preserving the deformation zones and general look of the character works exceptionally well.


Static object LODs

Even though static object tends to be quite cheap to render, they sum up to a significant cost when aggregated.

With Simplygon, you can easily set up automatic workflows that allows you to create LOD chains for all your static objects.
Gaining that extra bit of performance that takes your game above the target performance.


Proxy object creation

Much like with kit bashing you might want to combine sets of objects into proxy objects. They can be used when the camera is far away from them.

With Simplygon, you can easily combine parts of the level into proxy objects that retains the important visual characteristics, while rendering at a fraction of the cost of the original objects.


Kitbashing optimization

The most efficient way of constructing environments is to have kits of building blocks that you combine to create unique objects. Unfortunately, the created objects tend be riddled with hidden geometry and costly in terms of draw calls.

With Simplygon, you can bake your final objects to create an object that visually looks the same, minus the negative effects on performance.


Vegetation optimization

Good looking vegetation is one of the performance intensive assets in game development. With Simplygon’s foliage optimizer you can generate cheap vegetation assets to be used at a distance.The assets are not only significantly lighter in terms of geometry, they will also reduce the amount of overdraw.

The process can be applied to single assets, but also used to combine several assets into one, such as a distant clearing.


Occlusion mesh creation

Only drawing what is visible to the player is one good way to cut cost of rendering. By using cheap occlusion meshes this pre-render pass can improve the game performance by miles.

With Simplygon, you can generate conservative meshes, both for occluders and occludees, to use in your occlusion culling algorithms.