Automate your E-Commerce 3D Optimization Pipeline


Prior to GDC this year we worked together with Adobe Substance on creating a automatic optimization pipeline for e-commerce content. David Larsson at Adobe has now released an excellent article and examples on how to combine Simplygon and Substance to create a neat optimization pipe. This pipe is built around the new geometry data caster which was added in Simplygon 9. This feature makes it possible to create proxies with modifiable materials, in the same vein as Turn 10 shared.


At GDC 2020 we were going to give a shared presentation to talk about David's work and how that tied in with the upcoming Simplygon release. Due to the GDC cancellation the presentation was never given live, but was released as part of a Game Stack Live event.

David Larsson has now published a thorough article about his work and also released the code.

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