Meet Simplygon at Reboot Develop Blue 2024

We will be at Reboot Develop Blue 2024 in Dubrovnik, Croatia on 22nd - 24th of April.

What's new in Simplygon 10.2

As a Midsummer gift to all game developers we are proud to release Simplygon 10.2! In this release we have worked on core improvements to our remesher, support for Unity's Universal Render Pipeline and High Definition Render Pipeline and lastly support for Unreal Engine 5.2.

What's new in Simplygon 10.1

In Simplygon 10.1 we have focused on improving the new features added in 10.0, as well as adding new exciting features. The headline of the release is definately shader casting which we hope will make it much easier for developers to bake materials and textures. We have also added a high density reducer to tackle very high poly scanned and sculpted meshes.

Simplygon supporting NVIDIA's new Micro-Mesh technology

With NVIDIA's new Micro-Mesh technology, developers will be able to continue their quest to fill their worlds with content. The technology removes many of the traditional bottlenecks, releasing creators from many of the shackles that previous generation hardware had put on them. We at Simplygon have been working closely with NVIDIA to ensure that can use our SDK to transform your meshes to be ready for your Micro-Mesh render pipeline.

What's new in Simplygon 10

The Simplygon 10 release brings a couple of real hero features to the game. In this version we have added a quad reducer and processor that helps with protecting seams when optimizing modular content.

What's new in Simplygon 9.2

In Simplygon 9.2, we have lots of new features for you to explore! With improved logging and a more extensive scene validation it is easier to detect and solve potential issues in your content. For those of you using 3ds Max we added support for morph targets, a set of new material nodes and Max 2022 support. Last but not least, 3ds Max and Maya plugins are now open sourced on GitHub!

TwentyTwenty - A year in review

We're closing the book on a quite different year. A year filled with challenges. We all have had to figure out how to work within this new environment. At Simplygon we had big plans for this year, both in terms of development and presence at conferences and events. The latter we had to scratch, but their has been no brakes on our product development. In this post we'll go through what we added to the SDK over the last year.

Introducing our new Unreal Engine plugin

With the release of 9.1 we are introducing a brand new plugin for Unreal Engine users. The plugin provides most of the functionality from our previous integration in a new and easier to integrate experince.

What's new in Simplygon 9.1

In this article we are walking you through the Simplygon 9.1 updates, ranging from easier Simplygon integration work in Unreal Engine 4 with a new standalone Simplygon UE4 plugin to new impostor processor for vegetation optimization as one of the use cases.

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