Simplygon supporting NVIDIA's new Micro-Mesh technology


Today's AAA games are becoming more beautiful by the day. Players can immerse themselves into worlds that are so detailed that you can soon distinguish individual sand grains. This puts a lot of pressure on developers to create content for the rich environments that players expect. Not to mention the demands on hardware to be able to support them.

With NVIDIA's new micro-mesh technology, developers will be able to continue their quest to fill their worlds with content. The technology removes many of the traditional bottlenecks, releasing creators from many of the shackles that previous generation hardware had put on them. We at Simplygon have been working closely with NVIDIA to ensure that you can use our SDK to transform your meshes to be ready for your Micro-Mesh render pipeline.

Another problem caused by the inflation in asset complexity is the growing data file size. The 3D models are becoming too big for efficient development pipelines. Now that a lot of work is being done remotely, innovative solutions to keep the project size down are required. By using the Micro-Mesh technology through Simplygon's SDK you will be able to compress dense assets by orders of magnitude, allowing them to be transferred efficiently without loosing fidelity.

Together with NVIDIA we are now unveiling how we help game creators realize their fantastic visions.

“Simplygon’s best-in-class 3D optimization software has integrated our new Displaced Micromesh technology, empowering game developers to produce highly detailed and realistic scenes with smaller memory footprints.” - John Spitzer, VP of Developer and Performance Technology, NVIDIA

How it works

The Micro-Mesh technology is based on a base mesh and a file that efficiently packs geometry details. The new file format is called .bary.

Simplygon's processors can generate a low poly base mesh from a high polygon mesh. In the process the removed details are stored so that an .bary file can be exported. These two output files can together be used in a Micro-Mesh render pipeline.

Comparison shots

You can read more about the technology in the Accelerated Remeshing using tessellated attributes post.

Closer look

Here is a closer look at the scanned head at the start of this article.

Comparison shots

Compression stats

With Simplygon using the Micro-Mesh tech support, you can automatically compress a 24M triangle mesh with a disk and GPU memory size of 500-800 MB into a much more manageable 24MB. This means a compression ratio of 20x to 33x, delivering a space saving of 95 to 97%.

Similarly, a 1M triangle mesh with a memory size of 22-32MB ends up 1.5MB compressed. A compression ratio of 15x to 21x, delivering a space saving of 93 to 95%.


Simplygon, in combination with NVIDIA's Micro-Mesh technology will give you the tools you need to push the graphical fidelity to another level. Players will get to explore worlds filled with details far beyond what has been possible in the past. Only the imagination sets the limits to what's possible.

We can't wait to see all the beautiful worlds you create!

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