What's new in Simplygon 10.3

In Simplygon 10.3 we have focused on improving our integrations. Simplygon's Unreal Engine 5 plugin now comes with major updates for World Partition HLODs. Our Unity plugin has been overhauled to improve support. It also adds support for 3ds Max 2024, Maya 2024 and Blender 4.0.

Major Unreal Engine 5 plugin update

Our Simplygon Unreal Engine 5 plugin now boasts support for Hierarchical Level of Detail (HLOD) generation, specifically designed for static meshes. This enhancement allows for more efficient and detailed rendering.

Simplygon HLOD

In addition to World Partition HLODs for static meshes we have added multiple additional features to the UE5 plugin such as:

  • Ray Tracing LODs
  • Cascaded LODs
  • Replacement of Nanite Fallback Meshes
  • Onboarding quickstart widget for first time users
  • And other smaller updates and improvements to the plugin. (Linked)

Overhauled Unity plugin

We’ve overhauled our Unity plugin, eliminating the need for USD as an intermediate format. This major rewrite has resolved numerous known issues, resulting in a more consistent and stable plugin.

Anime character in LOD0, LOD1 and LOD2

Anime character optimized with reducer in Unity plugin from 50 k triangles (left) to 27 k triangles (middle) and triangles 15k (right).

The revamped plugin now exclusively uses Compute Casting for material casting, delivering superior results across all pipelines. We’re pleased to announce that Unity Standard, URP, and HDRP render pipelines are all supported.

Well asset and Simplygon UI

Aggregation of HDRP asset going from 5 HDRP/Lit materials (right) to one HDRP/Lit (left).

Compatibility with Maya 2024, 3ds Max 2024 and Blender 4.0

We’re keeping up with the latest software releases. Simplygon 10.3 now supports Maya 2024, 3ds Max 2024 and Blender 4.0, allowing you to seamlessly integrate our software with these updated tools.

Simplygon UI in Maya 2024 doing quad reduction on a pirate asset

Quad reduction in Maya 2024 going from 140 k triangles to 74 k triangles.

Visibility Sphere & Hemishpere settings

Our plugins now has additional settings for visibility culling exposed. This enables you to use hemisphere camera visibility culling as well as specify density of camera sphere without having to use the API.

Unity and Simplygon UI. One solid cart and one cart cut in half

Using a visibility hemisphere from positive X-axis we can remove the backside during remeshing. This is useful if we know that the object will only be visible for certain camera angles.

Core improvements to remesher and reducer

We’ve introduced MaxDeviation as an alternative to OnScreenSize in the Remeshing processor. This new feature ensures a consistent level of detail across input scenes of varying sizes.

House in Blender and remeshed house

With MaxDeviation as remeshing target we have gone from 13 k triangles (right) down to 2 k triangles (right).

We have also introduces MaxEdgeLength and LimitMaxEdgeLength in the remeshing processors. This features enables you to limit the size of triangles and can be useful if you apply deformations to the optimized model.

Turret with different levels of tesselation

Remeshings of OnScreenSize = 100. Using settings LimitMaxEdgeLength = False (left), MaxEdgeLength = 50 (middle) and MaxEdgeLength = 30 (right). Notice how we can control the maximum size of triangles on the turret's roof.

And more

Simplygon 10.3 comes with lots of more bug fixes and improvements that can be read in the release notes.

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Request 30-days free evaluation license


Request 30-days free evaluation license