What's new in Simplygon 10.3

In Simplygon 10.3 we have focused on improving our integrations. Simplygon's Unreal Engine 5 plugin now comes with major updates for World Partition HLODs. Our Unity plugin has been overhauled to improve support. It also adds support for 3ds Max 2024, Maya 2024 and Blender 4.0.

Troubleshooting material baking in Unreal Engine

In this blog we'll look at different issues with material baking in Unreal Engine and their solutions. As example we will optimize draw calls by create a stand-in replacement of a group of objects. We are going to look at how to reuse UV-space, separate out troublesome material nodes and how to debug texture baking.

A look at flipbook in Unreal Engine

In this blog we'll have a look at the flipbook impostor and how to use it in Unreal Engine. We are going to cover what the up and down sides of it are as well as some tips and tricks how to change parameters and materials on generated LODs in Unreal Engine.

What's new in Simplygon 10.2

As a Midsummer gift to all game developers we are proud to release Simplygon 10.2! In this release we have worked on core improvements to our remesher, support for Unity's Universal Render Pipeline and High Definition Render Pipeline and lastly support for Unreal Engine 5.2.

What's new in Simplygon 10.1

In Simplygon 10.1 we have focused on improving the new features added in 10.0, as well as adding new exciting features. The headline of the release is definately shader casting which we hope will make it much easier for developers to bake materials and textures. We have also added a high density reducer to tackle very high poly scanned and sculpted meshes.

What's new in Simplygon 10

The Simplygon 10 release brings a couple of real hero features to the game. In this version we have added a quad reducer and processor that helps with protecting seams when optimizing modular content.

Automating Simplygon workflow in UE4 using Python

The following article covers the basic of how to automate your Simplygon driven content pipeline using python in UE4

Unique optimization capabilities added by the Simplygon UE4 plugin

We get a lot of questions about our new UE4 plugin and what it provides for the user? So what exactly does our plugin provide that UE4 doesn't already have? That is exactly what this blog post is about, to hopefully make it a bit more clear what unique capabilities our UE4 plugin has to offer your project.

Introducing our new Unreal Engine plugin

With the release of 9.1 we are introducing a brand new plugin for Unreal Engine users. The plugin provides most of the functionality from our previous integration in a new and easier to integrate experince.

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